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Dualo Du-belt
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Music at the tip of your fingers!A innovative and revolutionary instrument, the dualo du-touch is at the same time a controller, a synthesizer and a looper/sequencer. Thanks to its battery-powered, mobile and unique features you can play, compose and learn anytime anywhere!Although the dualo du-touch may look like a kind of futuristic accordion, it is a real new instrument, based upon a new layout of notes around the keyboard in an intuitive, logical and playful manner. Scales and chords are represented by geometrical patterns, therefore easy to play and learn. In other words, on a dualo keyboard, notes that sound good together from the harmonic theory point of view are arranged next to each other! This is a French musician and mathematician, Jules Hotrique, co-founder of Dualo, who invented this layout of keys - called ´´ the dualo principle” - in 2007. It is now internationally recognized as one of the most intelligent layouts of keys. To get convinced, just try it!An intuitive and self-contained instrument, the du-touch was designed by musicians for musicians, be they beginners, amateur musicians or professionals in order to play, make live performances, compose at home or on the road, and learn.Play, compose and learn music anytime anywhere!Mobile and self-sufficient (8-hour battery life while playing), the du-touch contains a synthesizer with 116 editable sounds, a multi-effects and a looper/sequencer with 7 tracks. 56 songs with 7 tracks each can be registered in its internal memory.The du-touch has 116 pressure-sensitive light-up pads, 3-axis movement sensors as well as tactile sliders allowing the user to change the synthesizer’s, multi-effects’ or looper/sequencer’s parameters, which makes the du-touch a very expressive and innovative instrument.The du-touch is MIDI-compatible and can control any software or synthesizer thanks to its MIDI 5-Pin DIN and MIDI USB outputs, running on MAC OS, iOS, Windows, Linux and Android.Delivered with a computer software, it is a very evolutionary instrument: the user can create new sounds banks and import them in the internal memory, as well as save and import one’s works.Share your songs, learn and have fun!A connected and collaborative instrument, the du-touch is linked to an exchange-platform that allows the user to share one’s compositions through interactive scores with other dualists on the Internet.The du-touch is a wonderful instrument in order to learn how to play music, thanks to its integrated system, which reads the interactive scores. Any work that has been composed on a du-touch can then be read as a score on another du-touch. Each loop’s notes are then directly displayed on the keyboard thanks to the lights under the keys. In order to learn how to play a loop you just need to follow the lights like in a video game!Features Controller : - 5-octave full chromatic dualo keyboard, 58 notes per keyboard- 116 pressure sensitive pads with three colors- 3 touchable sliders and 3 touchable button- 3-axis accelerometer and gyro movement sensors- USB MIDI-compatible: Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Linux, AndroidSynthesizer : - Wave table synthesizer- 96-note polyphony for 8 multimbrals parts- 256 Mo memory for the wave table- 116 factory sounds: editable and replaceable - 4-preset memory per sound- 1 Muti-effect for each trackLooper/sequencer :- 7-track looper/séquenceur - 58-song memory, 7 tracks each- functions : metronome, quantizer, score playerConnectiques et caractéristiques générales : - 2 stereo audio outputs : 1/4 TRS jack and 1/8 TRS jack- MIDI 5-Pin DIN output- USB B connector (used to charge the battery and as a MIDI port)- dimensions : 11.22 x 11.22 x 3.14 inches ; weight : 1228g- battery life veille : 20 jours, autonomie en jeu : 8h- Charge de la batterie sur tout type de port USBContenu du paquet : - housse de protection en coton- Quickstart papier- Câble USB A/B- Chargeur USB multiprises international (FR, US, UK, AUS)- Logiciel éditeur téléchargeable gratuitement sur

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Prism Sound Titan
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Titan is a USB multi-track audio interface for personal recording and sound production, for professional musicians, songwriters, engineers and producers as well as recording studios, post production facilities and scoring stages. Titan is ideal for music and sound recording, multitracking, overdubbing, stem-based mastering, analogue summing and critical listening applications. Titan provides Prism Sound´s renowned performance, sound quality and state-of-the-art clock technology in a dedicated unit compatible with both Windows (Vista, 7 and 8, 32 and 64 bit, ASIO as well as MAC OS X 10.4.11 and later (Intel). Once configured with a computer, Titan can also operate stand-alone using its S/PDIF or AES3 I/O. Eight analogue input channels and up to 10 digital input channels are available as inputs for your audio workstation software through the host computer´s audio driver. Similarly, eight analogue output channels, up to 10 digital output channels and stereo headphone outputs can play 20 different channels. For low-latency foldback or monitoring to headphones or main outputs, each output pair (1-2, 3-4 etc or the headphone output) can optionally be driven from the built-in DSP mixer with an individual local mix of any selection of inputs through the controller applet. All analogue inputs are electronically balanced with automatic unbalanced operation. Analogue outputs are electronically balanced with ´bootstrapping´, i.e. level is maintained if one leg is grounded.Titan makes no compromises on audio quality. It is the result of years of research and development into digital audio conversion and extensive dialogue with Prism Sound´s customers.Titan has the same no-compromise analogue front and back ends as Orpheus with the same fully-balanced-throughout architecture, the same isolation barriers protecting the analogue from digital and computer interference, but with a wider range of PC interface options. Titan draws on Prism Sound´s years of experience in developing digital audio products, including its range of audio test equipment, adopted by a wide variety of clients across the audio industry from pro-audio to consumer electronics. This experience means that Titan is well-behaved both as a computer peripheral and an audio processor. Reliability is vitally important in professional recording. Prism Sound has always made extensive use of precise software calibration techniques in its converters - pots and tweaks are always unreliable, so there are none. The design team has gone to great lengths to minimise noise and interference, in particular hum. All of the analogue circuits have galvanic isolation, while the unit´s electronically balanced I/O allows it to handle common mode interference sources as well as enabling trouble-free connection to unbalanced equipment. It is often said that THD+N figures do not always correlate well with the perception of sound quality and this is true - partly because the traditional measures of THD+N or SINAD expressed as RMS figures are rather a broad measure. With this in mind, we have taken great care to make sure that not only is the Titan noise and distortion spectrum beyond reproach, but the RMS distortion result measures up to the state of the art.Prism Sound has taken on board the increasing importance of native processing power for professional users and the fact that software products for standard PC and Mac platforms have been greatly enhanced in recent years. Titan uses a USB2 interface. This is a UAC2 (USB Audio Class 2) interface supported natively in Mac, iPad, Linux and Android, and in Windows via a driver.Titan is easy to connect to your computer and to your outboard gear. For both Mac and PC platforms, there is a controller application to configure the unit and control its built-in mixer and other functions. Aside from the monitor and headphone level controls, everything else is operated solely from the Titan controller application. The controller software opens on-screen as a separate panel alongside your existing editing software.Our customers told us that many professional users wanted a highly integrated solution with instrument and microphone inputs, and line outputs that could be used for stereo or multi-channel monitoring and/or foldback to performers. Titan offers eight analogue recording channels, eight monitoring outputs, stereo digital input and output on a phono connector plus concurrent optical digital I/O ports that can interface to S/PDIF or ADAT data...

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