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The Definitive Guide to MongoDB, Third Edition , is updated for MongoDB 3 and includes all of the latest MongoDB features, including the aggregation framework introduced in version 2.2 and hashed indexes in version 2.4. The Third Edition also now includes Node.js along with Python. MongoDB is the most popular of the Big Data NoSQL database technologies, and its still growing. David Hows from 10gen, along with experienced MongoDB authors Peter Membrey and Eelco Plugge, provide their expertise and experience in teaching you everything you need to know to become a MongoDB pro. Hailing from the U.K., strongPeter Membrey/strong has worked for Red Hat, holds a RHCE certification, and worked and taught at a number of educational institutions since the beginning of his career. He knows what Linux users like and need, and hopes that CentOS will get the kudos it deserves. He lives in Hong Kong and is teaching and consulting on all matters to do with Linux Enterprise networking, while studying for his masters degree.

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