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Linux For Dummies Quick Reference als eBook Dow...
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Linux For Dummies Quick Reference: Phil Hughes, Viktorie Navratilova

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Tor and the Deep Web: Bitcoin, DarkNet & Crypto...
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The ultimate Tor/Darknet guide for 2017-2018 just got better! Just three questions you need to ask yourself: Do you value privacy? Do you value freedom? Do you want to be anonymous? If you answered yes to any of the above, this is your audiobook. Instant anonymity, right now, can be yours for the taking. As science fiction author Hugh Howey once stated: When pursuing a dream, don´t wait. People sling words across the Internet without regard for their future. They don´t know it but they are digging their own graves by attacking Goliath without a shield. Every word you say on forums, Usenet, Facebook, and news outlets is out there forever whether you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, or bachelor party. Doesn´t matter which one. One day you may wake up to discover a state power wants a ´´type´´ of voter out of the equation altogether: You. How do you erase every critical forum comment you ever made? How do you scrub your Facebook page? How do you make anonymous online comments so that your new employer doesn´t fire you? Enter Tor. This is the ultimate guide with easy take-you-by-the-hand instructions to teach you not only Tor, but VPNs, Bitcoins, hacking, Darknet personas and even how to evade the Sauronic eye that is the NSA. Yes. This book kills NSA spying dead. Comment anonymously on any website Tor browser, Freenet, I2P, and all alternatives Cryptocurrency - how to buy\sell anonymously Encryption guide: PGP. Veracrypt. Email. Linux. Windows. Macs. Kali. Android. Phones. Online privacy no matter where you are Hacking for beginners on the Darknet Edward Snowden´s biggest mistake Master the art of invisibility today! 1. Language: English. Narrator: James C. Lewis. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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